The Wedge

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationOslo, Norway
Design TeamGeir Haaversen, Carsten Klinge, Jan-Petter Seim, Kjell Kristian Karlsen
ClientOslo S Utvikling

An office building with untraditional content and design This eleven-story building is the last of BARCODE’s 13 buildings to be completed and the farthest to the east. Built on a narrow wedge-shaped lot, the building’s offices are only 5–10 metres wide. Each floor has meeting rooms cantilevered out over the eastern façade, a space-saving feature that adds a lively architectonic quality. An exterior stairway / fire escape zigzags between these meeting-room boxes, further enhancing the building’s iconic sculptural expression – facing the Mediaeval Park and the City of Oslo to the east, this is a fitting conclusion to BARCODE’s long row of façades. LIGHT AND AIRY Open spaces without any structural columns offer great flexibility for the tenants, providing a light-filled and airy working environment for every single employee. Floor- to-ceiling windows ensure plenty of daylight and spectacular views of the Ekebergåsen hill to the east, the Oslofjord to the south, and Bjørvika bay to the west. The rough red brick façade is a striking contrast to the other BARCODE buildings, adding an interesting visual element to the neighbourhood.