Kazan Mixed Use Complex

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationIstanbul Turkey, Turkey
CompanyEAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
Lead ArchitectEmre Arolat
Project Videohttp://

Kazan is a particular city with rich geographic and historic layers which have both a cosmopolitan demographic and a profound sociological structure. Espace Kazan is to be built on a highly important place in the urban memory of the city, on a natural hill that opens to Tukai Square where the main transportation axes of the city intersect. The main aim of the design is preserving this memory by enhancing the topographical features while forming special, meaningful and sustainable common spaces with open and closed retail units that support the area. It was desired that the recreation units on this alley would have a positive effect on the public space dynamics of the neighborhood with an architectural approach that is humble and in close touch with nature. An open amphitheater is planned as a natural stage creating a new public area where the structures are designed according to the landscape features to smoothly integrate with the nature of the land. With its features of being sensitive on the contextual factors of its location and at the same time coinciding with the universal criteria of its time, the Espace Kazan project is envisaged to become a unique contemporary architectural piece.