Thao Ho Home Furnishings

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationHo Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
CompanyMw Archstudio
Lead ArchitectLe Minh Quang
ClientThao Ho Home Furnishings

Thao Ho Home Furnishings is a showroom wood furniture project.It close to a noisy environment,densely populated area and many polluted emissions. Usual showroom in Vietnam uses too much lighting,air conditioning that consumes too much power,discharges too much heat and energy into the environment. This showroom does not use lighting but takes advantage of natural sunlight as the main lighting source during the day.Through a technical solution arranging lighting interstice continuously on the roof,and 3 large atrium spaces in the layout.In fact that from 9am to 5pm,¾ of the time-the building does not use lights,from 5pm to 8pm,¼ of the time-used LED Spotlight,which is highly effective in electricity saving,environmentally friendly. Has natural ventilation by sliding roof in the void.Some spaces have arranged ceiling fans to provide additional support for the airflow convection in case there is no wind. We used recycled materials from industrial waste products such as cladding Prima systems.The bearing steel frame structure systems with simple assembling details,reduced construction time and increased cost improvement,can be recycled for future usage. Arranged green trees indoor as a filter air solution to support a positive impact on the health of users.Increase the number of products on display without obstructing operational traffic and floor density.