La Moraleja Villa

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
CompanyXTEN Architecture
Lead ArchitectXTEN Architecture + EXTUDIO + Losada Garcia Arquitectos

This family residence for an art collector is
located on a relatively flat, 2-acre property
in Madrid, characterized by hundreds of evenly
spaced small oak trees. The area is
tremendously arid and hot in summer, an
environmental condition that led to a design
that uses both the building orientation on the
site and cantilevered masses to protect the
interiors from the sun, while simultaneously
opening the house to light, air and the
surrounding landscape.

The house is organized as a series of open and
closed volumes that frame outdoor sculptures,
indoor paintings and the landscape. The spaces
created by these stacking and interlocking
volumes vary in scale and orientation on the
site, creating a series of small pavilions
that are calibrated to create a dynamic
dialogue between the art, architecture and

The entry is under a projecting second floor
volume and leads to a glass enclosed double
height space designed to frame specific works
of art. A gallery leads one to the main
living/dining space, an indoor-outdoor double
height space that opens completely to the pool
courtyard and terrace to the South and to
views to the outdoor sculptures to the North.