The Crow's Nest

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationWinchester, United Kingdom
CompanyAr Design Studio

AR Design Studio was approached by the clients
who were looking to extend their holiday home
on a cliff top on the South Coast. Half way
through the planning process, the existing
house catastrophically broke in half one night
during a landslip.

AR Design Studio was then tasked with
designing a completely new home; the idea of
movement and fracturing formed the backbone of
the concept. Working closely with engineers
Eckersley O’Callaghan, an imaginative
structural solution was proposed to prevent
future failure. A concrete slab was built into
the ground, a series of strategically placed
dwarf walls were then built on top of it. A
floating structural frame was then laid on top
of the walls to act as an adjustable raft in
case of future movement. Beneath the frame,
there are specific places for mechanical jacks
to be positioned so that the house can be
securely re-levelled.

The design concept starts as a traditional
cabin-like-form that then splits, twists and
rotates, resulting in four pods. The outcome
is a beautifully haphazard rough-sawn larch
clad house that silhouettes against the wooded