Common spaces @ W Montreal

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Public Spaces
Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
CompanySid Lee Architecture
Design TeamGeneral contractor, QMD | Electromechanical engineering, Carbonic | Art consultants, MASSIVart | Lighting consultants, Ombrages | Food & Beverage / Kitchen consultants, Next step design
ClientIvanhoé Cambridge

The W Montreal now offers renovated common spaces, contributing to the repositioning of the hotel banner’s offer and the identity. The driving concept boasts a museum-style décor influenced by Montreal’s cultural icons. The Tbsp. restaurant sits in a port-like atmosphere surrounded by azure marble, with a wavy and shimmering ceiling imitating the reflection of waves. Sleek and understated, the layout transports the guest to the shores of the St. Lawrence River. These intricate references led the W Montreal to be globally recognized as the banner with the most evocative hometown DNA experiences