Artist Retreat

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationNew York, United States
Design Team Architecture and Construction by GLUCK+ (in alphabetical order) Shannon Bambenek Andrew Brown Peter Gluck Eric Schaefer Luke Winata Stacie Wong
ClientPrivate Client

Located on a land conservancy, a collection of wood-clad cubes orient toward a pond on a sloped site. These eight forms touch the ground lightly and follow the contours of the land, linked by glass enclosed hallways. The simple shapes are strong silhouettes in an agricultural landscape, organized in a shifting grid akin to farming plots in the area. Inspired by writer and artist residency retreats, the house configuration allows for introspection and cloistered bedroom suites, in counterpoint to common connected spaces that allow inhabitants to feel immersed within the landscape. The slatted weathered hemlock cladding is a nod to the utilitarian barn structures that dot the local landscape.