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Ilios Cancun

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationSan Pedro Garza Garcia , Mexico
CompanyFilipao Nunes Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectVictoria Maldonado
Design TeamFilipe Nunes, Alejandro Magaña, Margot Malacon, Hector Martinez, Pamela Villarreal, Andrea Garcia, Leslie Garcia, Anahi Chalico, Daniela Ortega
ClientDavid Krouham

The concept for this development arises from the idea of combining two cultures, the Greek and the Mayan, the Greek referring to the dishes that are prepared in the place, and the Mayan being the main ethnic group in this area of the country. Although this project represents the combination of both cultures, we gave ourselves the task of focusing on a single element, the main structure that gives birth to the space and supports a large part of the complex, which is located on a mangrove swamp. Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge was this central structure, making it transform into a sculpture.