[Architecture Discipline - Forest Essentials, Jodhpur - COVER IMG] A 21st-century Brand Meets an 18th-century Stepwell in India's Blue City; Photo Credits: Jeetin Sharma

Forest Essentials, Jodhpur

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationNew Delhi, India
Project locationJodhpur, India
CompanyArchitecture Discipline
Lead ArchitectAkshat Bhatt
Design TeamParitosh Singh
ClientMountain Valley Springs India Pvt. Ltd.

Part of the JDH Urban Regeneration Project in Jodhpur, India’s famed 'Blue City', this project involved the refurbishment of a historic residential building, adapting it to house retail operations for Ayurvedic cosmetics brand Forest Essentials. The design scheme is replete with regional elements – the blue and gold colour palette; traditional multi-foil arches, strategically resized to achieve balance; hand-cut linoleum flooring, an adaptation of local mosaic patterns; vernacular gold-plating techniques for window signage; and a scaled model of the step-well and the public square itself.