Abbaye Restaurant

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectMa Jun
Design TeamHe Zhi, Lu Yun, Zhang Ying, Zhao zhiyang
Project Videohttp://

MRDA intend to balance the conflicts between historical building and contemporary function with a subtle design technique in order to maintain the historical authenticity and integrity while creating a sustainable activated space for communities at the same time. In order to express respect to historical building, MRDA did their best to maintain the original architectural materials, colors and structure. In the whole restoration process, MRDA insist:minimum intervention and reversibility. Rooted on the principle- reserving original architectural form, spatial structure and decorative features, diversify boundaries of courtyard and insert abstract western element, in consideration of surrounding environment and needs of commercial operations. In the balance of abstract and entity, a Western dining area appears in an Eastern historical building with a sense of Zen peace and harmony.