Printemps Haussmann

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationToronto, Canada

As part of the reconstruction of Printemps,
the historic department store on Boulevard
Haussmann in Paris, a newly created and awe-
inspiring space that stretches vertically from
the lower ground floor up to the 9th floor is
realized. The architectural objective was to
introduce a new atrium to allow visitors to
see all levels. As a result, facilitating
vertical movement and creating a landmark
compliant with the quality of the

To do this, a concept of a vertical dome, also
called a veil, penetrates the heart of the
building. It is reminiscent and an homage to
the store’s iconic stained glass domes seen in
1894. The delicate form is punctuated with
petal-shaped openings revealing a layer of
dichroic glass that creates a transformative
setting within the vast atrium. The veil
appears to float in front of the vertical
circulation. It is 25.5m high and 12.5m
wide, weighs 24 tons and has approximately
17200 eye-catching floral petals that seem to
burst through the surface.

On the opposite side, a one-way mirror wall
concealing 12 newly installed escalators. The
reflection simultaneously reacts to the ever-
changing play of light and color of the veil,
resulting in a visually striking and enduring