PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationWrocław, Poland
CompanyForma Caprichosa
Lead ArchitectDagmara Oliwa
Design Team Anita Luniak

On the vast plain of the Silesian Lowlands,
one magical mountain stands alone, towering
over the picturesque town of Sobotka.

There, amidst the natural landscapes, the Crab
Houses complex, a research center for art and
new technologies, is planned to be.

The complex of three futuristic pavilions
located on the meadows is intended to be a
link between the urban tissue and the natural
environment. The Crab Houses will include a
research lab and two residential buildings.
The complex is meant to bring together
creative people and inhabitants of Sobotka.

The Crab Houses complex to be built in
laminated timber, steel and panels of
transparent glass fiber laminate.

The Crab Houses are to become a center of
creative action, a meeting place for
scientists, artists and residents of Sobotka,
as well as a venue for creative workshops.
Guests will be able to stay in the houses on
the hill and share their passions with the
inhabitants of the region.

The Crab Houses will get closer to nature
through the organic form, and at the same time
seek out the answer to how modern high
technology will fit in the traditional
environment and what added value can it