Haven Plaza Resiliency Infrastructure Building

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyCta Architects P.C.
Design TeamDaniel Allen, AIA Craig Tooman, AIA, LEED AP Asaf Yogev, AIA, ARA Tim Jagisch Tamera Talbert
ClientInstitute for Human Development

When Hurricane Sandy struck New York City, the
site at Haven Plaza flooded, the nearby power
plant exploded, and the 371-unit, low-income
housing complex was left without power. With
the elevators inoperable, residents were trapped
in their apartments without heat, electricity, or
water. Community volunteers and members of
the National Guard delivered rations and supplies
until power was restored.

This new resiliency infrastructure building was
designed to avoid repeating these problems. This
two-story, 2,000 square foot building houses
three boilers to provide the site steam heat. The
complex will be removed from dependence on
the City’s costly steam.

Flood-resilient plants will surround the base of
the building, and three poured concrete fins will
lift the structure, giving the building the effect of
“floating” above the flood line. These fins also
support a glazed front façade that allows
passersby to peer in and see the building at
work. A green wall will allow for plant growth to
extend from the plaza to the new building. The
result is an exciting addition to the complex that
is honest in its purpose.