Presentedby x Level Shoes

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Project locationDubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.
CompanyExternal Reference
Lead ArchitectCarmelo Zappulla
ClientNohman S Ahmed, Rizwane Ahmed, Imran Ahmed, Ridwane Ettoubi

The Presentedby store is conceived as an interactive exhibition space where digital dimension informs the physical and vice versa. Even before going in, the customer is captured by a double funnel- shaped entrance covered with screens, starting right away the fully immersive experience. Interactive and dynamic projections on the floor are sensible to foot traffic. The 3D printed lattice walls integrate a 100% natural mineral compound, with the property to mineralize primary greenhouse gases (CO2 and NOx) and reduce volatile organiic compounds (VOCs). The store absorbs 38kg’s of CO2 per year.