Walumba Elders Centre

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationPerth, Australia
CompanyIredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Design Team Finn Pedersen, Adrian Iredale, Martyn Hook, Joel Fuller, Rebecca Angus, Jason Lenard, Nikki Ross, Caroline Di Costa, Khairani Khalifah, Drew Penhale, Mary Mcaree, Layla Cluer, Jonathan Alach, Matt Fletcher, Jonathon Ware
ClientBuilding Management and Works, the Department of Finance and the Warmun Community

On the 13th of March 2011 the Giga people’s home town of
Warmun, some 200km south of Kununurra, was devastated
by a catastrophic 1:300 year flood event. 300 people were
relocated to Kununurra for 12 months while some 100
houses were rebuilt.
Working directly with the community elders and the Home
and Community Care staff, iph designed a new home for the
elders based on their Cultural and social needs, while still
complying with the requirements of an Aged Care Centre
that can provide a range of services under the
Commonwealth “flexible aged care provisions”.
The Centre performs several functions; it is the home for the
residents and staff, it provides a kitchen, a commercial
laundry, a dining, activity and celebration areas for the
community, gender specific private activity areas and a
generous courtyard for the residents to enjoy.
The form of the building responds to the dramatic landscape
of Warmun- the two wings of the building create mens’ and
womens’ spaces while the “beachhead” of the entry and
common activity area anchors the building to the land.
External staircases and ramps link the main level of the
facility to the ground.