VITOS Outpatient psychiatric clinic for traumatized refugees

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Misc. Architecture, Winner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationKorbach, Germany
CompanyChristoph Hesse Architects
Lead ArchitectChristoph Hesse
Design TeamYvonne Wagner
ClientConBau Invest

VITOS Outpatient psychiatric clinic for
traumatized refugees

In 2015, more that one million refugees came
from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan to Germany.
Originally, one of our clients asked us to
design a conventional parking garage.
However, due to the refugee crisis, he
decided to build two extra floors for an
outpatient psychiatric clinic, which was
desperately needed at that time.

Today, VITOS offers therapy as an ambulant
treatment by psychologists and
psychotherapists. Especially children and
teenager get help to overcome their wartime
experiences and to integrate themselves into
the new environment.

In the beginning of the design process, the
long and narrow formed site between a street
and railway tracks was considered as
impossible to build on. Therefore, the form
is based on cantilevers on all sides of the
building. Only by doing this, enough space
for the clinic could have been generated.

The project picks up the heights of the
surroundings and creates a new addition to
the urban fabric. The use of the building
brings life into the neighborhood and
supports the long-term integration of
refugees into the local community.