[FLYTECH FUNDATION, Design for Taiwan - DFT Design Exhibition - COVER IMG] DFT Design Exhibition

DFT Design Exhibition

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationTaipei City, Taiwan
CompanyFLYTECH FUNDATION, Design for Taiwan
Lead ArchitectYan-Ting Chen, Chia-Chi Kuo
Design TeamNTUST Architecture, Creep Design
ClientDesign for Taiwan

“Unbox Your Thinking” is the topic of choice for the 1st Design For Taiwan Social Design Exhibition. Through this exhibition, issues regarding care for the underprivileged, technology education, social service have been fully conveyed. With “Breaking Through Boundaries” as the core concept of the overall design, the combination of LED lights and supple iron outlines, present the exhibition arena in a hasty, industrialized tone. The perfect setting for showcasing student’s innovative “Breaking Through Boundaries” works.