PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationJakarta, Indonesia
CompanyMagi Design Studio
Lead ArchitectMargaret Jo
Design TeamYogi Ferdinand Ahmad Pratama Yosoa Hendra Jahid Anshori

Commissioned by Yayasan Semesta, Desa Semesta is a philanthropic rehabilitation center focusing on the final stage of full mental health recovery and social transitional phase before the patients are declared fit and discharged. The aim of this humanitarian nonprofit organization is to gradually reintroduce the almost fully recovered patients to live and work in normal society. Prior to this phase, these patients were once neglected on the streets or sent by their families to Yayasan Semesta. The patients come from various background, mostly are adults and elderly. Situated in the midst of lush mangosteen farm, Desa Semesta consists of 2 lobbies, 12 patient units, 2 nurse units, a medical unit, a prayer and library unit, a multi function hall, and an outdoor sport area. It houses 96 patients and 8 nurses, with additional visiting and stand-by doctors, staffs, and volunteers. Set across a vast uphill nature, the existing terrain and mangosteen trees are preserved without compromising the architecture. The pedestrian-friendly complex is made accessible by a knock-down perforated bridge to allow water absorption and light penetration to the green area below, which also connects the whole complex to the farm and spans to the back entrance.