Hanusch Therapybath

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationBad Hofgastein, Austria
CompanyVandealps Architecture Ziviltechniker Gmbh
Lead ArchitectArch. DI. Hannes Krimpelstätter
Design Team HBM Stefan Kerschbaumer Ing. Mathias Röck
ClientL. Pyrker und A. Gasteiner Badestiftung
Project Videohttp://

The Hanusch Therapybath was made to work as a leading Project for Healthcare Therapy. The sanatorium Kurhaus Hanusch has a long history for war-wounded veterans which recovered at Bad Hofgastein. This Therapybath and the attached functions is now used from Versicherungen der Eisenbahner und Bergbau. As one of the smallest but leading Healthcare - Destinations the Hanusch theraphybath should be a standalone example of therapypossibilitys in our time. With an place which is detached from the usual infrastrucutre and looks, patients have the chance to recover much more efficient.