ShangHai Dongfang Hospital Interior Design

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationParis, France
Lead ArchitectLiu Ruifeng Design
Design TeamLiu Yan, Han Daiqing, Wang Xin, Feng Wubing
ClientShangHai Dongfang Hospita

Hospital interior space design is a classic
expression of how rationality and
sensibility, function and emotion combined
with each other organically. It takes care of
people in a specific condition. We not only
designed a clear streamline organization to
satisfy the complex machine-like function of
hospital architecture, but also create a
humanized living environment that provide
doctors, patients and visitors with a
comfortable and warm atmosphere.
Cultural Implantation: Shanghai East Hospital
introduced natural and orient elements:
porcelain, ink wash painting and typical
color to transmit Chinese culture and the
concept of “Unity of human and nature”.
Main intention of this project is to seek the
coziness of Oriental yard in the modern urban
Humanization: In ward, a wrapped protection
space that centralize the bed was built.
Natural texture and soft color were
coordinated to define the warmth of the
space, and took people’s five senses into
consideration. In contrast, washroom has a
lively color and was classified as functional
Dynamic Lighting Mode: According to the
latest outcome of the physiology study and
combined with human’s circadian rhythm, 24
hour dynamic lighting mode was designed to
incorporate with different scene to accompany
people and to help patient to recover.