Rainbow Publishing Headquarters

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyDaewha Kang Design
Design TeamDaeWha Kang Monika Byra Weronika Widenska Paulina Pawlata Lawrence Lynch Monika Bilska
ClientRainbow Publishers Kim Hee-Jung

Volcanic stone wraps a building that tells the
history of the Korean people.

The Rainbow Publishing House makes small
print-run biographies of the ordinary people
who were responsible for the extraordinary
history of modern Korea. The building is
centred around the hundred-year stair,
wrapping around a bookcase that has one shelf
for each of the years of the twentieth
century. Biographies are placed in the year
when the person was born.

A layered facade of volcanic hyeonmu-am stone
bricks forms the facade of the building,
evoking the passage of time and the
accumulation of history.

Climbing five flights of stairs a day is
associated with an 18% reduction in mortality
rate. The building includes a tracking system
that captures the number of flights of stairs
each resident has climbed and allows them to
compete with one another, encouraging them to
healthy living. The collection of movement
data through the building continues and over
the years, this forms another layer of living
history captured within the building.