Thaxton & Associates Office Building and Retail

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationLos Angeles, United States
CompanyGriffin Enright Architects
Lead ArchitectMargaret Griffin and John Enright

Located on a busy Studio City thoroughfare
near restaurants and shops, the dynamic
surfaces of this 6,000 square foot mixed-use
building reactivates the neighborhood with
animated, glazed openings that link the
building to the street through the careful
direction of views. The facade directs focus
from and to a variety of points surrounding
the site through peel-out windows and
cantilevered rooms, allowing front and side
elevations to orient their views to the street
while extending the office interiors. A
cantilevered conference space defines the
front corner while the animated alley facade
brings life to a formerly ignored space.

As the horizontal window boxes peel away from
the building, they allow the interior to
engage the building’s public presence, giving
specific but varying glimpses to passing
walkers and drivers. By creating these shared
views, the building discovers a kind of
urbanism that invigorates the pedestrian
street while maximizing its full site
footprint. The scale and orientation of these
glimpses likewise captures the street itself
and nearby corner gas station: a nod to the
‘car culture’ so inherent to Los Angeles. This
choreography of neighborhood-connecting views
has already made the building’s design a new
and local landmark.