Central Canteen and Student Center of Tsinghua University

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Lead ArchitectSong Yehao
Design TeamSun Jingfen, Xie Dan ,Chen Xiaojuan, Wang Lina, Zhang Xiaolong
ClientTsinghua University
Project Videohttp://

This project has multi-functions as canteens for students and professors, lecture hall and exhibition hall for the campus, office and service, etc. The project site used to be a blind corner in the center of Tsinghua University campus. The core design idea is to repair the urban texture in the campus context, to improve the environment quality & the fluency of the site, to make it easy to get in for the public from all directions. The section design takes the full advantage of the site terrain, creates a three-dimensional indoor street for the public. The entrance floor on the one hand is functional and solid and on the other hand is a kind of cluster of open public space, which makes students possible to access and go across the building in all directions. Sustainable strategies, especially passive design strategies are adopted to make the space more comfortable and reduce the cost and energy consumption in operation. The exterior brickwork could be designed as artwork, just like painting or sculpture, which mixes art and wall together. Bricks are constructed in more than 5 ways, they bring various textures for exterior walls and meet different functional demands.