Business & Exhibition Center in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm Location, Russian Federation
Lead ArchitectLevon Ayrapetov
Design TeamLevon Ayrapetov, Valeriya Preobrazhenskaya, Yegor Legkov, Adelina Rivkina, Darya Samohvalova, Yevgeny Kostsov
ClientSakhalin Energy

This center gave us an opportunity to look for
a new type of buildings when its inner
structure is composed of simple elements with
different scale depending on inside or outside
function. Outside form serves as a cutting
plane and gives a new life to the inside one,
often unexpected and random. But this
unexpectedness is strictly “programmed” by the
inner predetermination of links among all the
elements, which obey to design specifications.
Construction of the form of the building
conforms simultaneously with two seemingly
opposite architectural principles – Tectonics
and Stereotomy. We chose cone as a basic form,
symbolizing a dynamic rotation, both
centripetal and centrifugal, as a symbol of
vacuum, penetrating to a mass, drilling-out,
boring, extracting, withdrawing. It is as if
one space discovers a communication channel
with another through the plane which divides
and connects them at the same time. By
combining layers we can cultivate vertical or
horizontal structure endlessly. The building
that we got as a result became an occasion for
us to keep on with our research of various
forms and their interactions.