"ù spõpõ" Green House

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Social Housing
Firm LocationCartago, Costa Rica
CompanyGC Architecture and Design
Lead ArchitectGabriel Calvo Architect and design
Design TeamArchitect Vicente Navarro Architect Nelson Loaiza Designer Leonardo Calvo (Italy-Costa Rica) PHD Guillermo Navarro

ù spõpõ means green house in Bribri dialect, the project was designed through an inclusive way, taking into account the point of view of 75 families, their tastes and ways of living. The Project is located in the Indigenous Territories of Talamanca, Costa Rica, based on the indigenous cos- mo-vision and adjusted to the means and requirements of future users. The design is based on the construction system that uses wood and mechanical seals. It allows the exponential growth of spaces without losing the design concept. Using the simple assembling system of “do it yourself”, gives the project versatility to adapt itself to the dynamics of natural variables. This allows the houses to be moved in case of risks like landslides, falling trees, floods and even growth of the family members. Advantages of the system: quick assembly, little waste, quality control in the finish, system standardization, transparency in inventory control, and adequate budget for the housing program. Unit cost will be $ 11,000