L'And Hotel

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationLisbon, Portugal
ClientSousa Cunhal Tourism, SGPS, SA

The hotel is the main building and services
centre of the whole resort. The programme
includes reception, clubhouse, restaurant,
spa and back-of-house service support to the
adjacent guesthouses. In addition, the
building functions as a winery, where guests
experience the whole winemaking process, from
grapes selection, crushing, fermentation and
pressing, to barrel aging, blending,
filtering and bottling.

Inspired on the white walled patios of the
Alentejo, the building was conceived as a
hinged prism from which its four corners were
cut-off, creating areas of shade and
intimacy. Topographically, the volume has
been carefully positioned to meet the
contours of the ground with the least change.
The large window of the indoor pool at the
lower level, suggests itself as a wall folded
to release the views of the landscape.
Inside, oak wood fluted wainscots and thick
black slate from Alentejo, convey an
atmosphere of comfort and warmth, creating a
striking contrast with the roughness of the
areas devised for the wine production
operation. Overlooking the lake, the guest
suites of the hotel are broken down in a
series of rows and terraces, forming a kind
of amphitheatre adjacent to the main building.