Mành Mành salon

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationHanoi, Viet Nam
CompanyH&P Architects
Lead ArchitectDoan Thanh Ha
Design TeamTran Ngoc Phuong Pham Linh Chi
Project Videohttp://

Mành Mành salon is renovated from a deteriorated hair dressing salon in a populous community in Van Quan urban area. The project develops an approach to reuse available materials to create a fresh and distinctive but friendlier space to the nature. The ordinary and simple charm at street hairdresser’s in Hanoi, which is closely associated with Trees giving wide shade and Old brick walls, inspires designers to create an unusual but familiar space- a space suggesting the idea of A long hair as well as Mành Mành climbing plant garden or Cissus sicyoides pergola (a quite popular climbing plant in Vietnam) with its long roots covering the space underneath. Highlights of the project are some 200 thousand wooden beads recycled from low- quality wood. These wooden beads are chained into strings of various lengths to produce effects on human senses of zigzag–styled ceiling and beaded curtain separating the space underneath. Five human senses will be awoken in Mành Mành climbing plant garden by gentle light, soft rustle among the beads, blend of light fragrance of leaves and beads while one is there, sipping at his tea, and hairdresser’s skill fulness that brings about comfort and relaxation to customers upon their experiencing the hair service.