PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyIdin Architects
Lead ArchitectJeravej Hongsakul
Design Team Sethapong Pisithwanish, Oak Sornnill, Jutiporn Taerattanachai,Jureerat Korvanichakul
ClientDermphan Yoovidhya, Supichaya Chaimueanvong

Lima Duva is located on Samed island, Thailand.
The island is a popular destination among modern
couples who seek a place for romance, hence the
phrase “Pai-Samed-Sed-Took-Raii,”( Go Samed,
get a baby). In Thailand's 19th century literature,
"Pra-Apai-Manee," was written by using this island
as the setting for a passionate chapter.
The design team took the notion that Samed
island was generally perceived in relation to love
and romance, thus the design development idea
was to create a place that serves couples and their
activities, while not alienating the family guests.
Each unit has its semi-outdoor balcony acting as a
divider from the adjacent unit to maximize the

All ground floor units have access to the pool and
a private Jacuzzi for two occupants. The color of
the pool tiles gradually becomes darker at the
Jacuzzi area to create visual privacy for the
guests. The lobby was designed in a simple white
geometric form located close to the main road,
enclosing the courtyard and the existing trees. At
the entrance guests need to bend down slightly as
the space leads them in, gently revealing parts of
the resort.