St Mary’s Somerset Tower

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Heritage Architecture
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyPilbrow and Partners
Lead ArchitectPilbrow & Partners

St Mary’s Somerset Tower, London, UK

The client’s brief was for the restoration and
conversion of this 17th century, Grade I
listed, Sir Christopher Wren designed church
tower into a single private home. A vertical
family home is being created over 9 floors of
St Mary’s Church Tower.

The tower is located in the City of London,
south of St Paul’s Cathedral. In 1871, the
church was demolished but the tower saved and
on 4 January 1950 designated a Grade I listed

The tower is divided to three main zones:
The lower part, within the original stone
dome, is used as the formal entrance lobby and
an office/study space. The main body of the
tower accommodates 3 bedrooms, borrowing light
from the tower’s original windows designed to
deflect the tower’s bell. The top of the
building hosts the living spaces. A dining
bridge hanged between two circular windows,
floats above the kitchen on the 6th level.

A 6m tall Living room would enjoy unrestricted
views to the building’s pinnacle.

A new glazed roof, would enable to view the 8
original stone finials crowning the top of the