Upper East Side Residence

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Residential
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyGabellini Sheppard Associates
Design TeamArchitect & Interior Design Team: Gabellini Sheppard Associates 665 Broadway, Suite 706 New York, NY 10012 Phone Number:212.388.1700 Web site: www.gabellinisheppard.com Michael Gabellini, Design Partner Kimberly Sheppard, Design Partner Daniel Garbowit, Managing Partner Bobby Young, Project Architect Ozlem Akcay, Principal Interior Designer Tomoko Hirose, Senior Interior Designer Courtney Adams, Interior Designer Cynthia Li, Project Team Jon McClandish, Project Team Pieter Kleinmann, Project Team Jongku Yee, Project Team Karen Brenner, Project Team Douglas Newkirk, Project Team Silvia Maffei, Project Team Architect of Record: Gabellini Sheppard Associates Phone Number:212.388.1700 Web site:www.gabellinisheppard.com Photographer: Paul Warchol Phone number: 917.783.597 Web site: www.warcholphotography.com Consultants Geotechnical Consultant: Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Phone Number: 212.479.5403 Web site: www.langan.com Pool Design: Aquatic Consultants, Inc. Phone Number: 305-343-5333 Web site: http://www.aquaticconsultantsinc.com/ Art Consultant: Salon 94 Phone Number: 212.979.0001 Web site: www.salon94.com Floral Arrangement Phone Number: 845.635.5700 Web site: www.sorayaltd.com Engineers Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineer: Tripower Engineering, LLC. Phone Number:973.227.7100 Web site: www.tripower.net Structural Engineer: Rodney D. Gibble Consulting Engineers Phone Number:212.989.2853 Web site:www.rdgengineers.com/ Contractors Stone/Tile: Continental Marble, Inc. Phone Number:917.807.0669 Web site: Glass: Architectural Glass Phone Number:718.643.2015 Web site: http://agwks.com/ Main Stair Metal/Glass : AMG Design Phone Number:917.337.7654 Web site: http://www.amgdesign.net/ Plaster Artisan: Art in Construction Phone Number:718.222.3874 Web site: http://artinconstruction.com/

Conceived as an expressively animated environment to enhance the pleasures of living and viewing contemporary art, this seven-story townhouse renovation and expansion is carved within an early 20th Century historic limestone townhouse on the Upper East Side. It is designed as a gracious entertaining space and a private enclave for the clients and their family. Warmly minimal and boldly contemporary in its spatial and material expression, the residence comprises an interconnected program of gallery, workspace, formal and informal living, entertaining, dining, sleeping, and bathing areas. These elements are composed in a spatial continuum from outdoor to indoor, public to private, and ground to top. A ground-level terrace, two multi-level lightwells, and an outdoor vertical garden wall bring the outside elements in. Elements of wood, stone, plaster, metal, glass and water form a balanced motif throughout the environment. Transparent and translucent glass features prominently as both a means of partition and connection, alternately offering a blurred sense of interior volumetric possibility and an emphasis on the passage of light to, from and within the space. From daylight to moonlight, a balance of natural and artificial light is constantly modulating the interior ambiance.