[Palmyra PLLC - Not All White Walls - COVER IMG] The use of color was a key component of the design because it was what allowed otherwise loosely defined spaces to be read and experienced as rooms. The last room in the sequence, by virtue of both its standout red color and its orientation, functioned as

Not All White Walls

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationChicago, United States
Project locationSan Francisco, California, USA
CompanyPalmyra PLLC
Lead ArchitectPalmyra Geraki
ClientCalifornia College of the Arts

This exhibition design showcased a wide range of work from different creative disciplines without sacrificing a cohesive attitude towards the space and a legible overall organization. The four immersively colorful rooms that punctuated the exhibition footprint not only mitigated the grand scale of the existing architecture and eased way-finding but also functioned as gateways between the central Nave and the adjoining rooms. By drawing visitors into a sequence of interconnected smaller spaces they fostered a fluid, intimate, and integrated viewing experience.