Beary High

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Apartments Interior
Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
Project locationTembusu in Singapore
CompanySky Creation Asia Holdings Pte Ltd x KOD
Lead ArchitectKeat Ong
Design TeamCheong Kok Weng, Snow Chew, Winnie Gwi

This penthouse house belongs to a young couple who are avid collectors of the Be@rbrick toys. Thus, the design narrative started with a platoon of bears from outer space coming to Earth and settling on top of a Tembusu tree in a vast rainforest. Exploiting the high ceiling of the penthouse and using the methodology of “Injecting Architecture”, the irregularly-shaped floor plan is being carved in such a way that the entire space is seemingly defined by the few families of volumetric forms that were “injected”.