Go with the scripts

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Public Spaces
Firm Locationsheung wan, Hong Kong
CompanyOft Interiors Ltd.
Lead ArchitectCM Jao & Ken Cheung
Design TeamShanny Cheung
ClientPALACE Cinemas
Project Videohttp://

When we trace back the origin of a film – or the soul of it – it always comes to ‘the script’. A pile of paper can work magic on films. And the same thing goes to interior design too. At the initial stage of designing, sketches and drafts happen on papers also. Leveraging this to our design concept of this cinema, the team wanted to draft a script and cast it into the interior space we had. We imagined a book of script being thrown into the air, papers forming mesmerizing curves that open a pathway for the audience to wander into a world of films.