The Faculty Canteen of Tsinghua University

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Public Spaces, Winner in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Lead ArchitectSong Yehao
Design TeamArchitects: Sun Jingfe, Xie Dan, Chen Xiaojuan, Illumination design: Zhang Xin, Han Xiaowei, Zhou Xuanyu Acoustics consulted: Yan Xiang, Wang Xuguang
ClientTsinghua University
Project Videohttp://

This is a place for professors and researchers of Tsinghua University to rest and communicate. The initial position of the project aims to provide a unique dining hall where knowledge sparks will be lighted through multidisciplinary communication. This one-floor height and 1000sqm canteen is further designed as an open space combining the humanistic atmosphere with the natural style, which can not only provide a dramatic view of campus and West Mount during meal or coffee time, but also shape a perfect place for meeting, sharing and cheering. The central none-column hall is decorated with arched ceilings which separate the space into smaller zones which sound fields are more focused and clear. And by reorganizing tables and chairs, the canteen can also act as a conference room, a club or a banquet hall. As to the smaller western hall with splendid scenery view, flexibility in use must come first. The furniture with different styles and placements can perfectly meet every single customized need. If necessary, this space can serve as a subordinate zone for the main hall. The ultimate goal of the whole practice is to reach a perfect integration of architectural design and building technologies.