Ulus Savoy Residences

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Rooms and Zones
Firm LocationIstanbul Turkey, Turkey
CompanyEAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
Lead ArchitectEmre Arolat
Project Videohttp://

Located in Ulus, there were two important inputs regarding this settlement of 26 blocks: the meaningless rigidity of building regulations that are imposed in this region, and the existence of a legally approved project prepared beforehand where the site plan and levels had to be kept and respected. The genealogy of the architecture derives from the contextual relationship of the urban fabric and – determined by local code, the conventional apartment blocks take shape according to decisions concerning the massing. The surfaces are then characterized as a continuation of the landscape by the use of natural materials and colors that disappear the complex on the ground as opposed to similar buildings in the neighborhood. Moreover, it is meaningless to speak about a noteworthy architectural characteristic in the Ulus Valley. In our approach, the reconstruction of the topography with a structure of shells acting as the roof of the continuous garage creates a new ground which is most often partly concealed by a layer of vegetation. Ulus Savoy Residences became then an architectural statement to the sense of belonging in the Ulus Valley by proposing a new architectural language that addresses our perception of the proper contemporary way of living.