Together Hostel - Indoor Camping Space for Youth

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Rooms and Zones, Winner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationBeijing, China
CompanyCao Pu Studio
Lead ArchitectCao Pu
Design TeamCao Pu , Shan Muzihong
Clientttg team

A living-space operating group set up by a few young people rents 2 floors of a hotel in Beijing. It needs something special to fulfill the function of experiencing new for youth. They hope to emphasize new experiences besides staying. This project considers indoor space as an area rather than a series of closed rooms. Integrated the whole floor by tearing down walls, we get an indoor camping space. We then set up“tents”in the space. A huge tent serves as the public space where people can have meals and beverage, read, chat, play, share or hold their activities. Smaller tents are for staying. Every four or five tents group up into a private set with a single exit for management. Each set is equipped with sockets and extension cords. Reading light is attached to every single tent. In addition to the restroom, shower room and double-bed tents, we have space left to build up step seats with storage space under to create a small movie space. It also can be used as a camping spot for backpackers. All the space is visually connected. The layout spreads the sunlight smoothly to each space in the floor.