[Omid Amini and Partners  - ICE CAVE - COVER IMG] Photography: Parham Taghioff (Persia Photography Center)


PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationZurich, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationTehran, Iran
CompanyOmid Amini and Partners
Lead ArchitectOmid Amini and Fatemeh Salehi Amiri
Design Team Design Team: Mehrad Mahnia and Fatemeh Salehi Amiri _ Graphic: Davood MohammadHassan, Abolhassan Karimi Photos: Parham Taghiof (Persia Photography Center)
ClientAhaab Company and Dey Bank

Ice Cave is a showroom for a client who needed a space with unique quality. In the meantime, capable of showcasing Various properties of the Tehran Eye Project. According to the project's function, an attractive yet neutral atmosphere for showing the objects and events as needed. Using minimal surface logic was the design idea. An integrated mesh surface is spread across all spaces. The space required for different uses is formed based on foreign forces in the up and down direction exerted on the surface. For fabrication, this surface has been divided into 329 panels.