S Residence

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Rooms and Zones
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyYuuki Kitada Architect
Lead ArchitectYuuki Kitada
Design Team

Since I visited the world’s highest waterfall “Angel Fall” in Canaima, Venezuella Venezuella decades ago I have been always thinking about taking this experience into my architectural design in the future somehow. This apartment in the high-rise re residential building is located at the Ce Central Park west area looking over Central Pa Park to the east. When I visited this ap apartment first time I know the opportunity co comes. At the same time I have found the st stone I like so much, Vanilla Onyx, golden st striped stone. It has transparent soft color an and also dynamic strength. The long entrance hall leads to the combined a apartments to the left side and to the right s side at the end of the hall way. The Vanilla O Onyx are dropping from the back wall ceiling t to the floor and flowing to the entrance. It g gives softly elegancy, welcome feeling and d dynamic movement. Also at the corridor water-drop like Venetian plaster, roasted walnut floor, Macassar wood for the curved wall at the water-mark like rotunda Thasoss floor, in t the powder room, the master bathroom and the o other 4 bathrooms full height natural stone s slabs like onyx and marble were chosen to e emphasize more nature statement through the a apartment.