The Space Design of Elephant-Parade Cultural Media Office

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm Location Shenzhen, China
CompanySunshine PR
Lead ArchitectCUN DESIGN
Design TeamCui Shu
ClientBeijing Elephant-Parade Culture & Communications Co. Ltd.

In the first layer, we cut and broke the single geometric space in order to recombination, but can also display original space form. This method not only makes the Elephant-Parade maintaining its internal image communication which becomes vivid and interesting like jigsaw puzzle, but also can solve the problem of many practical functions, such as lighting and ventilation, line organization, functional partition, etc. Each individual piece of ground and ceilings hidden on the light, it will be light to form independent space even in the evening. Simple and beautiful, clear and dazed multidimensional design language – digestion and refactoring constructs creative visual space in the structure of the multivariate composite. In terms of the office space of Elephant-Parade where not only reflects the characteristics of the industry, at the same time, it full expresses its cultural and aesthetic values. All the expression of beauty rely on material as the carrier, moreover the primary element in the design is material and bamboo in the use value, on the basis of their own inherent language such as form, or artificial color, texture and texture gives beautiful shapes of material in design.