[Studio iF - Spa Esprit Wonderscape @ Funan Mall  - COVER IMG] The Cactus Garden is a quirky representation of surreal dreamscapes composed through reflective materials cut into pebble-like forms. These were interpreted as ‘rain cloud’ mirrors suspended above to reflect the elements and interaction beneath them.

Spa Esprit Wonderscape @ Funan Mall

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Retail
Firm LocationSingapore, Singapore
CompanyStudio iF
Lead ArchitectGwen Tan
Design TeamPark Sihyun, Ika Noviyanti Pratiwi, Qistina Salam, Tracy Taw, Nicole Lim
ClientSpa Esprit Collective

Setting the stage for three distinct retail concepts from the Spa Esprit Group’s wide portfolio of businesses to co-exist in a singular location is a Pop-Art Landscape. The extensive shopfront features arched openings that offer framed views of each entity that resonate a collective visual amidst their distinct DNA being showcased. Playful elements like a 3-D origami flower over treatment room doors pay homage to the brand’s quirky personality. Rounded mirrors on the ceiling are a recurring motif that reflect the elements and flurry of interaction below, adding a whimsical touch to the space.