Adgear-Samsung office

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationMontreal, Canada
CompanyACDF Architecture
Lead ArchitectMaxime-Alexis Frappier
Design TeamMaxime-Alexis Frappier, Joan Renaud, Martin St-Georges, Valérie Soucy, Francis Brodeur, Laure Giordani, Christelle Montreuil Jean-Pois

AdGear – a fast-growing digital marketing agency founded in Montreal in 2010, and now an independent branch of Samsung Electronics – commissioned ACDF Architecture to design its new headquarters located on McGill Street, in Old Montreal. AdGear is a young and innovative firm, and they wanted ACDF to provide them with a functional space for the company’s 60 employees, that would play up the contrast between their historic setting and their and innovative company culture. ACDF developed the space comprised from two adjoining buildings using the party wall to designate two distinct zones in the office. On one side, a casual, open area unfolds, while the other side is devoted to offices and workspaces. Throughout the two floors, the rough red brick and stone of the central wall contrasts with new materials such as the new polished glass panes used to separate the individual offices. Like a mirror, the slick and elegant surfaces reflect and showcase the richness of the building’s rough clay bricks and wood beams. ACDF deliberately exposed the beams, stone inserts, the brick patterns, and celebrated their imperfections, enjoying how they narrate the history of the building.