PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationBerlin, Germany, Switzerland
CompanyHolzer Kobler Architekturen Gmbh
Design TeamTristan Kobler, Roland Lehnen
ClientStadt Schöningen

The experience exhibition, with its presentation of the original site from Schöningen lies at the heart of the project. Memorable images speak to the visitor’s senses and emotions. New findings on our ancestors, the homo erectus, his daily life and the flora and fauna that existed around 300,000 years ago are presented as well as connections to current themes such as climate change and sustainability. Central to the exhibition design is the sculptural white exhibition structure, whose form vaguely resemble those of horse bones. Through enlargement and abstraction, a row of theme cabinets form a spatially activating element with views alternating with large-format artwork. Upon leaving the main exhibition space and crossing the foyer high above the entrance, current archaeological excavation and research work in Schöningen can be experienced in the research area. In the laboratory, visitors solve a tricky case with modern archaeological methods. The professional laboratory and workspaces of the archaeologists on-site are strung along the exhibition circuit and can be examined by the visitors. The ‘Adventure Research’ that takes place here daily is made comprehensible for laymen, children and experts and allowed to be experienced close-up – in the PALÄON itself and the exhibition site outdoors.