Hand down the Tale of the HEIKE

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationYokohama-city, Japan
Lead ArchitectKazunobu Nakamura
Design TeamEnvironment Design: Kazunobu Nakamura; Produce & Dancer: Egiku Hanayagi; Lighting-design: Takashi Kitakizaki; Production: Tashibu to Fukushima; Photograph: Atsushi Ishida

A stage design of Japanese Dance. The subject is "the Tale of the HEIKE" handed down for 800 years in Japan. Words to recite of minstrel conveyed an ancient story ceaselessly. We made a time tunnel on the stage by a fragment of words. The fragment of words soars up into the air. The fragment becomes the crystal of the light. We grope for new Japanese dance, and this is a design of the stage art which aimed at the ideal form of Contemporary Japanese dance.  For a long time the dance which protects and emphasizes silence more than an inherited uplifting feeling for hundreds of years was existence irrelevant to a modern aerial sense.  Unlike traditional Japanese dance two- dimensional stage art, three-dimensional design that takes advantage of the entire stage space. The space where light and darkness were produced strikingly makes the atmosphere of Japanese Dance develop in response to Dancer. The point group which is design technique by a three-dimensional modeling and floats in the air was arranged freely like a petal dancing in the air. We aimed to produce a worldview of new Japanese Dance of modern interpretation by those.