Mangue Groove for Swarovski Design Miami

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
CompanyStudio Guilherme Torres
Lead ArchitectGuilherme Torres
Design Team

Project Mangue Groove by Studio Guilherme Torres for Swarovski in Design Miami 2013 intends to draw attention to the preservation of the mangroves, an important ecosystem in the Brazilian shore. The idea is to mathematically explore the true balance between nature and science. From the atomic model of crystal components and water, a tridimensional structure is created in order to engage the visitor in an architectural environment that emulates a natural environment. In terms of concept, the structure is like nothing seen before. It makes use of Swarovski crystals as structural elements, representing links, just like in a chemical compound. These links connect reclaimed wood pieces that are, in turn, going to provide for bridges between the crystals, representing the Mangue’s roots. The project wants to take Swarovski crystals to a whole different level, turning them into fundamental components. The exchange between shapes and materials is outstanding, because it attains different aspects depending on the lightning and environment, both from inside and outside. The structure is built in a way it can be assembled and disassembled easily, so it can be continuously displayed, thus reinforcing Swarovski’s values and fusing culture with creativity, preserving natural resources and fostering human rights.