SERIP Lighting Exhibition Hall

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm Location Shenzhen, China
Lead ArchitectCui Shu

With low budget and rough construction, the original house is connected with the surrounding buildings as a whole, which has insufficient conditions to be an independent brand store. The designer used a beam of natural light to cut the space into black and white spaces. In the black area, crystal lamps were displayed to show the value and light of lamp to the largest extent; while in the white area, lamps with good-looking shapes were displayed and these unique hand- blown glass lamps is shown perfectly. Instead of strengthening the building itself, white slices were used in the facade to hide the whole building, becoming the main point of view of the park. The shadows of slices were changing under the sun according to the changes of time. The completely unified building shape has no obvious entrance, achieving independence of the entire exhibition hall. Some gray walls were added in the space, which helps to form separate independent areas in black and white spaces. These areas were used to show the lamps, acting as the background of the display. Some animal images consistent with the space temperament were put inside the gray wall to create a fantastic field.