The Regenstein Learning Campus - Chicago Botanic Garden

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Educational
Firm LocationBoston, United States
CompanyMikyoung Kim Design
Lead ArchitectMikyoung Kim & Jacobs/Ryan Associates
Design TeamJacobs/Ryan Associates
ClientChicago Botanical Garden
Project Videohttp://

The Regenstein Learning Campus is a new environmental discovery center and nature playground at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This six-acre horticultural campus serves a vibrant community of families, offering an interactive experience with the natural world, while advancing the institution’s influence as a science and horticultural center that serves more than 125,000 people each year. The design immerses families and children of all ages to a variety of outdoor experiences that include inquiry focused learning and play that engenders a deeper understanding of ecological systems. The expansive garden includes a variety of natural experiences and explorations as visitors weave through the grassy mounds, water-play runnel, boulders, diverse woodland plantings and willow tunnels. This regenerative project is envisioned as a gateway to the natural world; one that highlights creative discovery in all seasons.