The Prudential Center at 888 Boylston Street

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Commercial
Firm LocationBoston, United States
CompanyMikyoung Kim Design
Lead ArchitectMikyoung Kim
Design Team
ClientBoston Properties
Project Videohttp://

Located in the heart of the historic Back Bay neighbourhood of Boston, the Prudential Center is a sustainably designed civic space, inspired by the climatic systems that move through the site. Credited as one of the most sustainable office buildings in New England and anticipating LEED platinum certification, the Prudential Tower features a series of green roofs, rain gardens, wind turbines, and solar panels that help to both power and irrigate the landscape. The design of the Prudential Plaza highlights the wind patterns of the site through innovative landscape elements including “wind swept” carved granite planters and a grove of forty color-changing steel light columns, each capped with sculptural wind vanes that move with the wind. Together, these “light vanes” transform this important urban plaza into a living wind map. The plaza, designed in conjunction with the new 888 Boylston Street mixed use tower, provides a unique identity and character to the Prudential Retail Arcade and the Eataly Market entry, and has quickly become an epicentre for civic events, retail, dining, and programmed concerts in downtown Boston.