Fundación Santa Fe - Outpatient Care Tower

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Conceptual Interior
Firm LocationBogota, Colombia
CompanyAei Spaces
Design TeamMarta Gallo, Alejandra Arce, Estefanía Castillo, Angelo Mora, Sergio Mutis, Juan Manual Castellanos, Andrew Hu, Juan Cobo.
ClientFundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

FSFB OCT establishes a spatial continuity with the hospital’s iconic brick plaza and gardens through a receiving courtyard, an array of green stairways and an ascending interior pedestrian spiral. Drawing from scientific evidenced-based design and a local research study, different health-promoting spatial attributes were merged into unique healing atmospheres tailored-made for each medical specialty level. Featuring sensory wellbeing, an approachable service system, and activity as a means for dynamic healing, the project generates a vibrant and heterogeneous pathway of wellbeing environments.