Greenwich Village Townhouse Garden

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Residential_LA
Firm LocationNew York, Ny, United States
CompanyXS Space
Lead ArchitectJulie Farris
Design Team Julie Farris- Landscape DesignerVrinda Khanna- Architect Khanna SchultzRobert Schultz, Architect, Khanna-Schultz

This garden composition was envisioned as a place that is very much in keeping with the architecture in terms of both style and materiality. Simple, clean lines, and Japanese-inspired, with a palette that is for all seasons and yet low-maintenance. The limestone flooring in the dining room continues out into the landscape and becomes a low terrace that dissipates into strips embedded in a bed of pea gravel. An off-center, oversized Cor-ten steel planter contains a bed of boxwood, which remains green all year round, and a flowering crepe-myrtle is also contained as a focal point. Beds of Nepeta, Ivy and Bamboo soften the horizontal Ipe fencing, and also offer a bit of privacy. Small carved stone planters with moss and a limestone bench offer gentle accents in this garden, which is as much about enjoying outside as it is about the view from inside.