Lot 1

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
Design Team Patrick Keane Wells Chen Davide Galli Archana ramesh Kate Devitt
ClientThe Primo Group
Project Videohttp://

Lot1 at 20 York Street, Sydney, is a conversion project from an original storage house & cart-way, to a retail store, to Lot 1. The design explores complex geometry and the connection of form and functionality utilising digitally fabricated interiors. Curved timber geometries using native Australian materials join seamlessly to circulate, unfold and connect all of the functions of the venue while providing a journey through the historic Sydney interior. For Lot 1, the inspiration came from the swirls and patterns that delicately lace a latte or a flat white coffee. A coffee behaving as such a catalyst for the grand vision was an exciting and familiar motivation for the family owners, having worked in the coffee business for nearly 3 generations. The coffee shop and roastery is to serve the space the left and on the right side is to be the restaurant, with a menu of fresh Mediterranean dishes. The downstairs offers private lounges and dinner booths with the basement mezzanine giving an option of outdoor seating and alfresco dining. The design solution is an unusual marriage of awe-inspiring aesthetics and full functionality within one given space: using non-orthogonal geometry, it delivers a form that remains responsive to its function